Marks and Splashes 

Painting Children in Watercolor 
A video workshop with fine artist and illustrator Kathy Jurek

Discover the watercolor technique secrets of an expert portrait painter, including:

  • How to render children's faces and figures in your pencil studies and sketches and a step by step painting process presentation with Q&A
  • How to use watercolor's freshness and wildness to bring your children and people compositions to radiant life
  • Expert techniques for painting hair, eyes and skin tones under various light and shadow, presented in breakout video tutorials and a lesson PDF

Expect more than a lesson -- really, a wonderful 90 minute video mini-course on a hard-to-find topic of art instruction. The workshop tuition is $14.95. Click to register for immediate access.

Only $14.95

Includes the complete workshop video replay, plus Kathy's slides,  illustrated lesson PDF and breakout video tutorials!

Replay of the Feb. 25 Live Event: With Kathy's additional tutorials

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