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Drawing People Well with Cindy Wider

  • How to Draw People
    How to Draw People

    Click the small icon at left to download fine artist Cindy Wider’s PDF lesson for us. It's the illustrated text version of the two hour workshop video above with even more content. She describes it as the equivalent of a five week, self-paced course and invites you to send in your homework for her to review and reply back to you. Cindy is the founder and director of, an online art school with instructors in England and the U.S.

Learn to draw in your PJs!

Thank you for registering for the Drawing People webinar! Here's where to be for the live webinar with Cindy and Mark.

  • You're in the right spot! Come back to this page at 3 p.m. (U.S. Central Time) on Wednesday, January 15. We'll have the link for you to use to join the live event. We'll also e-mail you the link just before we begin the hangout with Cindy and another to the video replay after the event. So you don't have to worry about missing anything!
  • You'll be able to ask Cindy and Mark your questions on the YouTube page while Cindy is teaching, via live text chat. We'll try to answer all questions!
  • Enjoy the webinar!

Learn to draw in your PJs!